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How do I file a dispute?


You're here because you may have a problem with a sale, either as a Buyer, or a Seller. Before going further, please note that the dispute process does not apply if you have simply changed your mind for any reason.

So what is the dispute process for? Maybe the other party isn't responding, or there's been a problem with the goods or payment, or for some other reason the sale isn't going through.

Initiating a dispute is a big deal.

It will leave a permanent record on both users’ histories. It is so much better to first try to see if you two can resolve the issue amicably.

Before you initiate a dispute, there’s a few things that we need you to do first:

Your first option is always to communicate with the other party: send them a message

Even better, because you do have their contact details, give the other user a phone call. This information can be found in the Sales Completion Area. Please be friendly! Many disputes are the result of misunderstandings that lead to hurt feelings.

If they won’t respond to you, there might be something wrong. We can intervene give them a little nudge to reply. Please reach out to customer support and we'll give the other party a little nudge.
If these three steps fail, then we may have no other recourse other than for you to initiate a dispute.

A Dispute can be cancelled by Marketplace Integrity if:

Payment has been made through Hiwebby’s payment methods found in Sales Completion Area
HiWebby Escrow | PayPal
Payment has been made through observation of user messages
Assets have been transferred through observation of user messages
User(s) are looking to move forward with transaction based on observation of messages
One party is not looking to move forward due to ‘change of mind’

The Process:

Disputes page becomes available 48 hours after listing closes
48 hours after the listing closes, the link to "Dispute Sale" will become active in the Sales Completion Area for the listing. When you're sure you're ready, click this link to access the next step.

State Your Case

First, let us know in detail exactly how the other party has failed to follow through with the sale of this digital asset. In order for us to make a judgement, please be brief but give specific evidence. If you feel you haven’t received something that was promised to you, please show in the listing where it was stated that a certain good was owed to you. Please include screenshots if necessary.

Right of Reply

Then, following your submission, the other party will be given 48 hours to present their side of the story. If they don't respond, we'll find in your favour (with consequences for them).

HiWebby's Decision

Finally, based on both stories, Hiwebby Support will make a decision on the dispute.

  • If the dispute is found in your favour, your auction will automatically be relisted for free, and the success fee will be waived/refunded.
  • If the dispute is found against you, a black mark may be recorded against you, and there may be further consequences.
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