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    What are we selling?

    A unique opportunity to buy a rapidly growing, very popular Android app with over 2 Million installs and a monthly income of over $6112 (admob + sales) and growing each month (inc in the sale: paid app, 2 x free app and a profitable video screensaver website).

    Our apps have been taking Google Play by storm since we first launched in Dec 2012.

    Using a unique system to download and set HD videos as live wallpaper, our app has won a very high rating from our army of fans (4.3 average, over 1500 five stars).

    The free app includes 100 HD videos, the waterfall app has 50 HD videos and the PRO app has an additional 150 HD videos.

    Included in the sale is , a profitable ($350 a month average) video screensaver site with over 25,000 members and over 12,000 unique monthly visitors. With this site, you can upload new videos to the website, screensaver software and the Android apps. The server takes care of all the video processing and image creation. Copyright to all the HD videos will be transfered to the new buyer (with specific rights to use the videos as screensavers and wallpapers).

    The site, API and app structure could easily be used to create many new apps... For instance, just by tagging a video "futurstic" you could use that tag, to create a new app showing only futuristic videos. (This is excatly what we did with the waterfall app).


    Running costs are minimal, we currently pay €100 ($130) a month for private hosting and around €300 ($390) a year for cPanel. This server runs everything perfectly: the website, the screensaver software and the Android apps.... Serving thousands of HD videos a day, at lightning speeds.

    Why sell?

    Always an interesting question with sites/apps that are on an upward slope. Well, like many entrepenuers... We enjoy the chase of creating apps and making them successful. We have done that and are now moving onto our next big idea. This takes funding, hence the sale of these apps.

    Why Buy?

    This is a hugely popular, growing app with a high rating and high visibility on Google Play. Left on auto pilot, it should stay very steady, earning good income with little headache.

    If you know how to market a product, there is no limit to where this app could go. Profits are heavily linked to installs, so the more people you can drive to the app, the more you will make. It is that simple.

    If you also add more videos and create extra free apps, you could double your profits, simply by launching a version 2, version 3 etc.

    Earnings since launch (admob, paid app and website sales):

    Dec 2012 - $1050
    Jan 2013 - $1344
    Feb 2013 - $1620
    Mar 2013 - $2660
    Apr 2013 - $2710
    May 2013 - $3350
    June 2013 - $3460
    July 2013 - $3715

    August 2013 - $5010

    Sept 2013 - $4090

    Oct 2013 - $5733

    Nov 2013 - $5486

    Dec 2013 - $6112

    Jan 2014 - $4500

    Feb 2014 - $4400

    Mar 2014 - $5500

    Apr 2014 - $5700

    May 2014 - $3800

    Jun 2014 - $4100

    Jul 2014 - $3775

    Aug 2014 - $5100

    Set 2014 - $4100

    Oct 2014 - $3700

    Nov till 27 Nov - $4500

    Thanks for your time,

    Jay Birch


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Site Established April 2006
Site Established April 2006
Site Established April 2006

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