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Due Diligence: Making Video Calls & Screen Sharing


HiWebby always recommends completing thorough due diligence before bidding on an auction.

While HiWebby doesn't specifically require it, one of the best practices used by our top buyers is having a videocall and/or screen sharing with the other user.

You can also share screens to get a live walkthrough of how the site or app works, look at live financial and user traffic details, and get a better idea of a user's veracity among other things. As with most things in life, your gut instinct is usually correct.

Three of the top technologies for videocalls and screen sharing are Apple's FaceTime, Google's Hangouts, and Microsoft's Skype.

While HiWebby can't offer technical support for these technologies, here are some quick links to help you get started:

Apple FaceTime

Mac Apps - FaceTime for Mac - Apple Support

iOS: Using FaceTime

Google Hangouts

Share your screen or desktop with others - Google+ Help

Google+ Hangouts

Microsoft Skype

Screen sharing

Making a video call (Mac)

Making a video call (Windows desktop)

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