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What information should I provide in my iOS app listing? Article rated 3.7/5.0
Your listing description is your first chance to impress potential buyers. It’s worth spending a bit of time on your description to interest buyers in your app. It’s important to note that app
How Do I Verify Ownership of my iOS App? Article rated 3.7/5.0
We verify ownership for all properties listed on HiWebby, including iOS apps. Verification helps buyers bid with confidence. It is mandatory for listing your app on HiWebby. Here are the steps
What information should I provide to back up my claims on my iOS app listing? Article rated 3.7/5.0
Buyers will want to see proof of revenue and downloads from your application. The best way to provide these is by attaching screenshots to y
How are the details in the HiWebby iOS app listings verified? Article rated 3.7/5.0
We verify the following details in each iOS application listing: The app’s current rating
How do I research whether an iOS app is a good buy or not? Article rated 3.7/5.0
Buying an app is similar to buying a website, with a few key differences. You’ll want to conduct due diligence for your purchase, both by carefully examining the app and by finding other information...
How do I transfer or receive transfer of an iOS app? Article rated 3.7/5.0
In order to transfer an

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